I like them black

Recently I watched a documentary dedicated to celebrating Henri Cartier-Bresson’s 90th birthday. Towards the end of the film he said something interesting: ‘I don’t like them black’, and then immediately lamented the fact that people call him a ‘classic photographer’. The line, ‘I don’t like them black’ came across in that context as a defensive statement, and in opposition […]

The touch of silver

Gelatin silver or silver gelatin? Which comes first? Technically speaking, hand printing on baryta paper, or fiber-based paper of hefty weight, refers to an embedded process: shooting black and white film, developing it, and printing it in the darkroom. The baryta paper contains a suspension the silver halides, or salts in a gelatin layer. An […]

What is this testament?

Shortly before Christmas 2018, I got a Leica M2 as a gift. Quite out of the blue. This event sent me back to my 10-year old, coveting the darkroom. The camera made in 1963 belonged to legendary collector and art historian K. Frank Jensen. He happened to be my best friend. When he died in […]

99 percent clarity

I’m sitting with an art project that involves exhibition of photographs. I’m staring at the thing, and wait for the perfect vision about it to unfold. One percent of knowing exactly what I’m trying to do is missing, so I’m having a controlled moment of waiting for a chance revelation. Where art is concerned, the […]

Grabbing the heart

Sometimes when you read the cards, you can experience all sorts of things popping into your head that may not necessarily have to do with either what you’re asking or thinking about. As soon as you lay the cards down you can actually begin to ‘hear’ all sorts. I was preparing a special cut of […]

Tarot Interdit – Hommage à Yamamoto Masao

Tomorrow I turn 50. Three days ago I had this dream: I dreamed that I was at a tea ceremony with four Japanese master artists: Tatsumi Hijikata — the creator of Butoh dance, Takaji Kuroda — rocket scientist and the inventor of suimonga, Toshiro Kawase — the greatest living ikebana master, and Masao Yamamoto — the preeminent miniature photographer. The only problem was, […]