The Old Ones

The old ones are trees, bones, and benefactors.

Witta and K. Frank Jensen’s house was a house of spirits. Some of them left their house to be with me. Boxes and boxes of negatives and contact sheets. Other stuff too.

In between the acts, I take Frank’s spirit into the darkroom and place it along with my own concoctions, taken with his camera. But the nose is mine. I can tell what chemicals are good for old souls.

I welcome the challenge of working with old negatives, and the fact that I have to cheat the odds of going against dust and scratches.

I like what I see. A good gelatin silver print is not about ‘perfect cleanliness’ or a won battle against ‘spots’. It’s about how it grabs your heart.

I like them dark, faded, and messy. I like them with their soul intact. Like nature.

Everything is a tree, even Frank’s ladies, the magic naked ones and the ones who know things…


Frank’s negative, my darkroom



Old ones as magic spirit, trees, and flowers



The prints are 5×7 inch or smaller.
All the prints shown on this website are gelatin silver prints.