Here are a few words about representing The Danish Testament.

After an entire career as a university professor, in 2017 I made the decision to retire from my tenured position at Roskilde University in Denmark, in order to dedicate myself to the visual arts.

My interest is in the production of spiritual and visual text, from Tarot to the magic of chemistry in analogue photography.

I started my own school, Aradia Academy, where I teach cartomancy and Zen, and when I enter the darkroom I pose one question only: How can this photograph I’m creating grab my heart?

The Danish Testament here honors the memory of legendary historian and collector of esoterica, K. Frank Jensen, whose Leica camera I have inherited.

I present you with my own original work, as I also juxtapose it with that of K. Frank Jensen. For a decade, between 1954 and 1964, he took pictures with a Leica, many of which receiving prestigious prizes.

I now own an entire archive of negatives from the period, and my intention is to not only process some of the images in the darkroom, but also to curate them for exhibition alongside my own work.


About K. Frank Jensen: A Tribute